Plastic box for dental using
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Plastic box for dental using

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*Plastic product name: Plastic box for dental using

*Size: 85.05 x 79.54 x 30mm

*In material: ABS

*Tooling cavities: 1+1+1

*Texture on the surrounding surface of box(except top label area and flat bottom surface):

HY 11010 (0.010mm deep, 1 deg. Min. draft)

*Customer comments:

"the boxes have so become, as I have fancied them. Thank you for that.

Please find attached my order for 3000 Boxes. If there are any questions don´t hesitate to contact me."

Best regards

Bernadett Klar
Quality Management

Jan.26th, 2015

‘Our clients wish, that there are some holes in the bottom of the box. The reason is, that Patients often put wet dental splints in it. It will be better, if the water can flow out the box. The holes should have a diameter of 2,0 mm...For us is important, that the holes are arranged symmetrically.' - 30th Jan. 2018

*Above photo is taken on 6th Feb., 2018

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