Rubber dip part

Rubber dip part

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*We have advanced rubber dip machines to provide you with rubber dip parts, We have served dozens of customers in the past several years, these parts are RoHS and export standard conformed.

*Rubber parts

All kinds of rubber part, they can be made in NR, SBR, BR, IR, CR etc, If you have rubber part need, pls feel free to send the 2D and 3D (dwg. or Igs format CAD drawings) for a quote and lead time.

*Sophisticated mixing, molding, extrusion molding equipment, advanced mold design and machining centers, complete product testing equipment, and bring together a number of technical people with years of experience in the production of rubber processing fields.

*Our rubber production divison is specializing in the production to meet the performance requirements of a variety of special rubber products, oil, wearing, pressure, high temperature, low temperature, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, UV, ozone resistance, aging, insulation, fire-retardant, committed to provide customers with the most reliable, most comprehensive and most convenient solution for rubber parts.

*Our advantage is that by the choice of raw materials and formulations adjustment, unique design and precision machining, special vulcanization process to meet the requirements of different users on the product performance in order to provide high quality products and high quality services.

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